Bob Mutchler has been providing individually specialized, high quality, hand crafted piano restoration, including piano tuning, regulation, refinishing and piano rebuilding. He specializes in the rebuilding, refinishing and restoration of Steinway, Chickering, Mason Hamlin and other quality pianos.


Bob services the Greater Sacramento Area including Folsom, Roseville, Lincoln, El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park and other outlying areas.

Piano Tuning


Tuning a piano is the process of adjusting the tension of its strings, thereby altering their pitch, or frequency of vibration, by slightly turning the tuning pins to which they’re attached, so that each string sounds pleasingly in harmony with every other string.

Piano Reconditioning


Piano restoration — also known as piano rebuilding, piano refurbishing, and piano reconditioning — helps bring a piano back to its original beauty, tone, and performance. Piano refinishing restores the piano’s finish either to its original finish or to another selected finish.

Piano Repair


Tuning a piano does not repair any existing mechanical or structural issues . Often this becomes more evident when a piano refuses to stay in tune. A piano is a complex instrument with a Stein being comprised of over 12,000 parts with thousands of moving parts.

Piano Regulation


Regulation is the adjustment of the mechanical aspects of the pianos to compensate for the effects of wear, the compacting and settling of cloth, felt, and buckskin, as well as dimensional changes in wood and wool parts due to changes in humidity.

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Bob appreciates the feedback he receives from his clients. He enjoys applying his expertise to ensure his clients experience the best from their pianos. Because he truly cares for his clients’ pianos as if they were his own, he has built long term and lasting relationships.

Bob recognizes value!

In 1989 Bob recognized the value of our recently purchased baby grand built in 1911 that had been painted white. He restored it to its original rich mahogany and reconditioned it to pristine condition. Since then he has maintained it as if it were his own. It looks gorgeous, sounds heavenly and has quadrupled in value.
Tony B
El Dorado Hills, CA

Over 40 years of service!

Bob has been taking care of my pianos for 40 years. I have had uprights, baby grands, player pianos and a concert grand. All of them have been regulated and tuned to perfection. After an accident, Bob repaired an old Steinway so it looked and sounded like new.
Katherine P.
Folsom, CA